Zips offers premium wine in a portable, single-serve package that serves as a glass. “Our high-quality plastic vessel looks and feels like glassware…and it’s 100% recyclable,” the company wrote on its website. “Our patented CleanWrap technology keeps your wine fresh and protected, along with a resealable screw-top that pulls double duty as a coaster.” So, no more pouring your wine into a flask or drinking straight out of the bottle while you’re on the go, and Zips makes it so you can sip wine at a picnic without pouring it into paper cups or packing wine glasses.

Andrew McMurray explained how his single-serve company is all about packaging and licensing. He also demonstrated how his product was a real glass, not a plastic bottle. After samples were handed out, the questions started flying. McMurray said he owned a patent on the glass and process of wrapping them.

The company has $8.5 million currently invested from a number of investors. The brand currently has “about $650,000 in sales.”

O’Leary thinks the pricing per glass is too high and the sales are minimal. Cuban had similar doubts and dropped out.

Herjavec thought the company should be a pure licensing deal.

John thought the risk was too high and dropped out.

Grenier loved the design, but felt the deal was too complicated and dropped out.

Herjavec dropped out because of how the company is being run.

O’Leary is the only Shark remaining. He seemed interested in the price-per-serving could be brought down. He offered $2.5 million for 10% with an option to buy 10% more at the same price in the event of an exit.

The offer was accepted.


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