Gameday Couture

Gameday Couture offers fashion-friendly clothes with the logos of various college teams on them. Basically, the items allow you to show your fandom without having to wear a boring T-Shirt or hoodie. The company also produces custom clothing items for high school teams, companies and others.
For those who want to go to athletic events or just out on the town still looking fashionable. There is a market for this, given that we’ve seen hundreds of sports teams (including Mark Cuban’s own Mavericks) try to market fashionable, team-branded clothing to women. As a small business, we figure that the challenge for them will be licensing, and then also convincing the audience that these are better than just the standard t-shirts you get at a fan shop. We will give them some points for having products for our alma mater in SMU.

The couple who owned the company explained how they are targeting the female market and how they have succeeded in the south, but want to conquer the rest of the country. The company is on pace to do $1.5 million in this year.

O’Leary asked about profits and the owners said the company will make $100,000 this year. “Mr. Wonderful” did not believe the company was far enough along and dropped out because he felt the business was over-priced.

John dropped out because he had a bad experience in a similar space. Herjavec felt the valuation was too high and dropped out.

Cuban offered $500,000 for 30% with a contingency he refused to reveal until he he gets an answer. The deal was accepted as long as the owners agreed to make women’s clothing for the Dallas Mavericks.


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