Squatty Potty

The Edwards have always been a very health conscious family, but after a few years of some colon issues we were seeking a natural and inexpensive solution that would help correct and heal the problems we were experiencing. That’s when we found a wonderful and simple solution…. “Squatting” The simple knowledge of getting our knees up… Continue reading Squatty Potty

Bottle Breacher

Product Intro: Founder Elijah Crane will be stepping into the Shark Tank on Friday night pitching their business, Bottle Breacher. As as a veteran himself, he created Bottle Breacher as a way to give back to the brave men and women who serve our country. The company utilizes once used military gun shells, and transforms them… Continue reading Bottle Breacher


Product Intro: Man-PACK is a company dedicated to making men more prepared with everyday carry bags (EDC’s). Founded in 2010 by Aaron Tweedie, Man-PACK is blazing a new trail in the market for men’s accessory bags. Man-PACK blends style, durability, and function to make utilitarian bags that look cool. Made from extremely durable canvas duck… Continue reading Man-PACK

Priority One Canine

Product Intro:Priority 1 Canine We provide security through the use of a Canine. This provides you, the client with two things. 1. A fantastic companion for you and your family and 2. PEACE OF MIND!!! I’ve always thought having a bodyguard would be awesome. However, I never really thought that it could be a furry… Continue reading Priority One Canine

The Natural Grip

Product Intro: Natural Grips are grips made to custom fit your hands, designed to enhance your performance during workouts. How? All of their grips are handmade and 100% cotton tape, which means a better grip on weights and other workout materials! I can imagine that Natural Grip has spectacular margins, as the product is basic… Continue reading The Natural Grip