Myself Belts

Product Intro: “Myself Belts” a velcro belt specially designed for young children. Myself Belts offers a one-handed, easy-to-fasten belt for kids and adults. Myself Belts promote independence by allowing children to easily fasten and unfasten their belt on their own. No more droopy drawers, and a frustrating problem is solved for both parent, child and teacher! Great for… Continue reading Myself Belts


Product Intro: “SingTrix” a karaoke system with pitch correction and various vocal effects. Everyone can be the lead singer! From the creators the first Guitar Hero® game comes Singtrix Karaoke — the most revolutionary singing experience ever created. Singtrix technology instantly makes bad singers sound good & good singers sound amazing! Singtrix will rock your… Continue reading SingTrix

Titin Tech

Product Intro: MAKE FIERCE WORKOUTS EVEN MORE POTENT. TITIN: The world’s only weighted compression gear. TITIN challenges the status quo with everything we design, using disruptive technology and changing the way people train. TITIN is patented form-fitting weighted compression gear using gel weights as inserts. Our gel inserts can also be Heated or Frozen maintaining temperature up to 30-45 minutes… Continue reading Titin Tech