Jungle Jumparoo

Husband and wife business partners Steve and Rachel McMurtrey hope the Sharks hop in and invest in Jungle Jumparoo, their “better bouncing toy” for kids (and adults) in Shark Tank episode 605. The McMurtreys had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign in June of 2013 and they hope the Sharks can infuse some capital into their business.… Continue reading Jungle Jumparoo

Caddy Girls

Meghan Tarmey hopes to be on par with a Shark when she pitches The Caddy Girls, her golf caddy service featuring sexy women, in episode 605. Tarmey started The Caddy Girls in 2005 after graduating from Coastal Carolina University; she didn’t want to bartend to make ends meet and she wanted her own business. The… Continue reading Caddy Girls

Red Dress Boutique

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Josh and Diana Harbour pitch their wildly successful online dress business, the Red Dress Boutique, in Shark Tank episode 605. Diana started the business after becoming dissatisfied with her  “secure but soul-crushing” job. She decided fashion was her passion, so she started selling dresses from her basement via an Ebay store. Later the same year, she got… Continue reading Red Dress Boutique


The Humble Beginnings Sun-Stache’s genesis had to begin in a way that so many other great companies had before. They were founded inside the creator’s parent’s garage. And although they do not have an expansive corporate campus in Silicon Valley they are still being mentioned alongside titans of industry such as Apple and Google.* Years… Continue reading Sun-Staches