Broccoli Wad

BEST PART OF THE PITCH: We recognize Vinny Pastore as one those wiseguys we used to watch on The Sopranos. Most mafia men carry their money in a wad, not a wallet. Hence, the Broccoli Wad. Basically, it’s a piece of rubber that you wrap around your cash. Barbara doesn’t get it. She thinks this product is the worst thing she’s ever heard on this show. Jeff, however, is intrigued.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? The sharks wonder why Vinny’s celebrity mug isn’t adorning the product. They can call it the Vinny Wad. If that happens, Barbara will come back in. Jeff, Kevin, Robert and Daymond are definitely out though. Barbara will put up $50k for a 40% stake and she’ll give Vinny half of her stake. Vinny takes the deal, but Johnny isn’t sure where he stands. Fear not. He didn’t just get whacked. Johnny still gets 60%. Barbara just made sure Vinny became the face of the wad. She still thinks this is a horrible product, but the marketing concept is genius. In other words, fuggedaboutit!


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